PLT Redex & SEwPR


Matthias Felleisen, Robby Findler, Matthew Flatt
with David Van Horn

27--31 July 2015, University of Utah

We have incorporated the workshop notes into the Redex documentation.

The table below presents the one-week workshop schedule. With the exception of Monday and Friday morning, every session consists of a lecture part (60 -- 90 minutes) and a hands-on lab (120-180 minutes). The lectures introduces basic Redex ideas; the labs presents practical exercises on these topics.

Monday morning's lecture presents the theoretical framework of reduction semantics using the lambda calculus as an example. While we expect that participants have some familiarity with the latter, this part presents our perspective on this idea, solidifying literature from 1975 through now.

Friday morning it is the participants turn. Bring your own projects to work on (but we list a number of small projects, with solutions, that might get you started on a research project).

Morning (8:30-noon) Afternoon (1-5)
Monday The Theoretical Framework Syntax And Metafunctions
Lab Designing Metafunctions
Tuesday Reductions and Semantics
Lab Designing Reductions
Types and Property Testing
Lab Type Checking
Wednesday Imperative Extensions
Lab Contexts and Stores
Abstract Machines
Lab Machine Transitions
Thursday Abstracting Abstract Machines Modular Static Analysis; Contract Verification; Symbolic Execution
Friday Your Turn